Australia is home to eight orders of native millipedes, with most of the species-level diversity in the orders Polydesmida and Spirostreptida. Most mainland polydesmidans are in the family Paradoxosomatidae and most spirostreptidans are in Cambalidae. Tasmania is missing the mainland orders Siphonophorida and Spirobolida, and the dominant Tasmanian families are Dalodesmidae (Polydesmida) and Iulomorphidae (Spirostreptida).

Tasmania has many tiny, undescribed Polydesmida: more than 70 have been sorted to species in museum collections (see the undescribed Polydesmida page). Also known-but-undescribed are several rare chordeumatidans. In future, taxonomists may recognise more undescribed species in the poorly studied orders Polyzoniida and Sphaerotheriida. There are almost certainly more Tasmanian Polydesmida and Spirostreptida waiting to be discovered that have very small geographic ranges.

The most prospective areas for new, relatively large Tasmanian millipedes are the south-central mountains (Mt Styx to the South Cape Range) and the wetter bush remnants on King and Flinders Islands. All parts of Tasmania are prospective for tiny, undescribed Polydesmida. These are best collected by Tullgren funnel extraction of leaf and twig litter, rather than by searching and hand-collecting.

Click on a species name in the checklist to go to information on that species. (I) indicates that the species has been introduced to Tasmania.

About the maps

The distribution maps on this website are built from an occurrences file I maintain with ca 9900 records for preserved specimens deposited in museums. The file is Darwin Core-compliant, corrects errors found in Atlas of Living Australia records and and is frequently updated. If you are interested in distribution records for particular species, please email me.

Phylum Arthropoda
  Class Diplopoda

    Order Polyxenida
      Family Polyxenidae
        Propolyxenus australis Short and Huynh, 2010
        Propolyxenus forsteri Condé, 1951
        Unixenus corticolus Short and Huynh, 2011
      Family Synxenidae
        Phryssonotus australis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018
        Phryssonotus novaehollandiae (Silvestri, 1923)

    Order Polyzoniida
      Family Siphonotidae
        Undescribed siphonotid species

    Order Sphaerotheriida
      Family Procyliosomatidae
        Procyliosoma leae Silvestri, 1917
        Procyliosoma tasmanicum Silvestri, 1917

    Order Spirostreptida
      Family Cambalidae
        Tasmanocambala greeni Mesibov, 2019
        Tasmanocambala tasmanica Mesibov, 2019
        Tasmanocambala taylori Mesibov, 2019
      Family Iulomorphidae
        Amastigogonus danpicola Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus elephas Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus fossuliger Verhoeff, 1944
        Amastigogonus hardyi (Chamberlin, 1920)
        Amastigogonus hellyeri Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus insularis Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus michaelsae Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus orientalis Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2017
        Amastigogonus tasmanianus Brölemann, 1913
        Amastigogonus verreauxii (Gervais, 1847)
        Atelomastix bonhami Mesibov, 2017
        Atelomastix smithi Mesibov, 2017
        Equestrigonus tasmaniensis Mesibov, 2017
        Talomius weldensis Mesibov, 2019

    Order Chordeumatida
      Family Metopidiotrichidae
        Australeuma jeekeli Golovatch, 1986
        Australeuma golovatchi Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Australeuma mauriesi Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Australeuma simile Golovatch, 1986
        Neocambrisoma cachinnus Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Neocambrisoma fieldensis Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Nesiothrix mangana Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Nesiothrix medialis Shear and Mesibov, 1997
        Nesiothrix tasmanica (Golovatch, 1986)
        Reginaterreuma tarkinensis Shear and Mesibov, 1995
      Family Peterjohnsiidae
        Peterjohnsia titan Shear and Mesibov, 1994

    Order Polydesmida
      Family Dalodesmidae
        Atalopharetra bashfordi Mesibov, 2005
        Atalopharetra clarkei Mesibov, 2005
        Atalopharetra eberhardi Mesibov, 2005
        Atalopharetra johnsi Mesibov, 2005
        Atrophotergum bonhami Mesibov, 2004
        Atrophotergum montanum Mesibov, 2004
        Atrophotergum pastorale Mesibov, 2004
        Atrophotergum silvaticum Mesibov, 2004
        Atrophotergum sodalis Mesibov, 2004
        Atrophotergum wurrawurraense Mesibov, 2004
        Bromodesmus catrionae Mesibov, 2004
        Bromodesmus militaris Mesibov, 2004
        Bromodesmus riparius Mesibov, 2004
        Bromodesmus rufus Mesibov, 2004
        Dasystigma bonhami Mesibov, 2003
        Dasystigma huonense Mesibov, 2003
        Dasystigma margaretae (Jeekel, 1984)
        Dasystigma tyleri Mesibov, 2003
        Dysmicodesmus jeekeli Mesibov, 2010
        Gasterogramma austrinum Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma extremum Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma imber Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma plomleyi Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma psi Jeekel, 1982
        Gasterogramma rusticum Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma tarkinense Mesibov, 2003
        Gasterogramma wynyardense Mesibov, 2003
        Ginglymodesmus penelopae Mesibov, 2005
        Ginglymodesmus sumac Mesibov, 2005
        Ginglymodesmus tasmanianus Mesibov, 2005
        Kebodesmus zonarius Mesibov and Rodriguez, 2020
        Lissodesmus adrianae Jeekel, 1984
        Lissodesmus alisonae Jeekel, 1984
        Lissodesmus anas Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus bashfordi Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus clivulus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus cognatus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus cornutus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus devexus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus hamatus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus horridomontis Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus inopinatus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus latus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus modestus Chamberlin, 1920
        Lissodesmus montanus Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus nivalis Mesibov, 2018
        Lissodesmus orarius Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2006
        Lissodesmus perporosus Jeekel, 1984
        Lissodesmus piscator Mesibov, 2019
        Lissodesmus plomleyi Mesibov, 2006
        Setoisenoton pallidus Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma alces Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma anubis Mesibov, 2015
        Tasmaniosoma armatum Verhoeff, 1936
        Tasmaniosoma aureorivum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma australe Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma barbatulum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma bruniense Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma cacofonix Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma clarksonorum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma compitale Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma decussatum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma fasciculum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma fragile Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma gerdiorivum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma hesperium Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma hickmanorum Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma interfluminum Mesibov, 2015
        Tasmaniosoma laccobium Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma maria Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma nicolaus Mesibov, 2015
        Tasmaniosoma orientale Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmaniosoma warra Mesibov, 2010
        Tasmanodesmus hardyi Chamberlin, 1920
        Tasmanopeltis grandis Mesibov, 2006
      Family uncertain within suborder Dalodesmidea
        Asphalidesmus golovatchi Mesibov, 2009
        Asphalidesmus leae Silvestri, 1910
        Asphalidesmus parvus (Chamberlin, 1920)
        Noteremus infimus Mesibov, 2009
        Noteremus summus Mesibov, 2009
        Paredrodesmus aceriodendron Mesibov, 2003
        Paredrodesmus australis Mesibov, 2003
        Paredrodesmus bicalcar Mesibov, 2003
        Paredrodesmus monticolus Mesibov, 2003
        Paredrodesmus purpureus Mesibov, 2003
        Paredrodesmus taurulus Mesibov, 2003
        Procophorella bashfordi Mesibov, 2003
        Procophorella innupta Mesibov, 2003
      Family Paradoxosomatidae
        Aethalosoma solum Jeekel, 2006
        (IAkamptogonus novarae (Humbert and de Saussure, 1869)
        Dicranogonus pix Jeekel, 1982
        Notodesmus scotius Chamberlin, 1920
        Pogonosternum jeekeli Decker in Decker et al., 2017
        Pogonosternum nigrovirgatum (Carl, 1902)
        Somethus mesibovi Jeekel, 2006
        Somethus tasmani Jeekel, 2006
        (ITaxidiotisoma portabile Mesibov and Car, 2015
      Family Polydesmidae
        (IBrachydesmus superus Latzel, 1884

    Order Julida
      Family Blaniulidae
        (IBlaniulus guttulatus (Fabricius, 1798)
        (IChoneiulus palmatus (Němec, 1895)
      Family Julidae
        (IBrachyiulus pusillus (Leach, 1815)
        (ICylindroiulus spp
        (IOmmatoiulus moreleti (Lucas, 1860)
        (IOphyiulus spp